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Dated: 04/17/2017

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While Central Indiana might not be known nationally for its golf courses, they are not completely absent from the area. While there are plenty of public courses throughout the city, few match some the area’s private courses. One private course, Crooked Stick Golf Club, is right at the top of the list for best courses in the area. Arguably the most-exclusive and most-difficult golf course in Central Indiana, anyone invited to the grounds of Crooked Stick Golf Club should treat it as a can’t-miss opportunity.

The Golf Course

Crooked Stick Golf Club’s course is probably the most-famous golf course in the entire Central Indiana area. There are 18 holes at Crooked Stick, and there are six different sticks in the tee boxes. The “Red Course” is the shortest with a total of 5,201 yards. At 5,611 yards, the “Green Course” is slightly more challenging. Next, the “White Course” comes in at a total of 6,184 yards. The “Blue Course” steps up the challenge even more. Golfers that play from these tees will cover a total of 6,620 yards. The “Gold Course” really steps ups the ante as the first over 7,000 yards. It clocks in at 7,159 yards. Finally, the “Black Course” is the ultimate challenge at Crooked Stick. This unbelievably long challenge covers 7,516 yards. The longest hole at Crooked Stick, number five, is an excruciatingly long 621 yards from the “Black Course” tees. In the front nine, there are two par threes, five par fours and two par fives. The back end of the course has the exact same number of par threes, fours and fives as the front end for a total of par 72 for the entire course. Crooked Stick is ultimately an extremely challenging, yet beautiful, golf course that will test even the best players in the entire world.  


A Crooked Stick Golf Club membership can be pretty hard to come acquire. Memberships are member-invite only, meaning prospective members have to closely know someone who is already a member. While it is certainly difficult to get a membership at Crooked Stick, it is not completely inaccessible to the public. The course regularly hosts public, professional tournaments, and members can invite non-member friends and family to the course and the clubhouse.


Crooked Stick Golf Club is located at 1964 Burning Tree Lane in extreme, western Carmel. This area is right in the middle between US-31 and US-421 on West 106th Street. The clubhouse can be slightly difficult to find. It is set back from West 106th Street in a residential portion of the club grounds. The roads in neighborhoods surrounding the club are not private, but the grounds near the clubhouse are. Only club members and personal guests of club members are allowed on the golf course or on the grounds surrounding the clubhouse.


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