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When you think of tapas, you probably immediately think of Barcelona Tapas Restaurant in Downtown Indianapolis. There is another excellent tapas bar on the Northside. Northsiders outside of Carmel might not be familiar with it, but Divvy, near Downtown Carmel, is another phenomenal Central Indiana tapas bar.


Divvy's menu is huge, and it is designed with tapas in mind. For those unfamiliar with tapas, they are small sample plates that feature many different types of food. Divvy's tapas plates are perfect for dinner groups looking for a lighter dinner. Tapas plates are designed to be shared with small groups, and they generally range in price from $5.00 to $15.00. The Divvy menu is huge, but it is generally sorted into five categories. The Tidbits category includes small appetizers that are typically dips and spreads. The Soup and Salad category includes a few different options like the Veggie Bisque soup and Golden Beet salad. Divvy has a large grouping of cheese and veggies as well, which make up the third menu category. For the main course, guests can pick a couple of items from the Proteins category, which has anything from Chicken Nachos to Pork Egg Rolls. Finally, Divvy's dessert menu is quite extensive, offering ice cream, chocolate mousse and a few other delicious treats. For lunch, consider looking over the lunch menu. The lunch menu is a little smaller, but it is better for a lighter meal. Salads, sandwiches, soups and sliders are all offered for lunch. Small sides can be added for $3.50 to complete lunch.

Devour Indy

Devour Indy is right around the corner, and Divvy is participating. It will have a $10.00 lunch menu that features selections like sliders, bruschetta and grilled shrimp. For dinner, Divvy really takes it up a notch. For $30.00 per person, guests can enjoy a fantastic three-course meal. The first course is a cup of soup. The second course follows with some tapas plates like tuna, cuts of porterhouse and whipped feta and bread. A vegan option is also available for $22.00 per person. This year, Devour Indy falls between August 31st and September 3rd.

Location and Hours

Divvy is located right in the heart of Carmel at the Carmel City Center. It is located at the corner of City Center Drive and North Rangeline Road. Monday through Thursday, Divvy is open between 11:00am and 10:00pm. It hours are extended a little for Friday and Saturday, closing at midnight rather than 10:00pm. On Sundays, Divvy is closed. At all hours, Divvy is only open to adults 21 years of age and older.




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