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Dated: 03/30/2016

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As one of the largest companies in Indianapolis, Eli Lilly and Company, a notable pharmaceuticals company on the world stage, largely affects many Northside residents. For some, it is an employer. For others, the Lilly Foundation, the charity started by the company in the 1960s, is a great place for Greater Indianapolis residents to make both small and large donations.


A veteran of the Civil War, Colonel Eli Lilly disliked the pharmaceuticals industry of his day, claiming medicines were inefficient and poorly manufactured. Using his chemistry background, he set out to improve the pharmaceuticals industry, founding Eli Lilly and Company in May of 1876. Eli Lilly and Company would eventually flourish as a business. Notably, in the 1923, Eli Lilly and Company released Iletin, the world’s first commercially available insulin product. The company also spearheaded the release of penicillin in the 1940s. As recent as the 1990s, Eli Lilly and Company released Zyprexa, the world’s most popular antipsychotic designed to treat schizophrenia.


As of December 31, 2015, Eli Lilly and Company has 10,840 employees at its Indianapolis office. Elsewhere in Indiana, the company employs an additional 1,214 people. Worldwide, Eli Lilly and Company has a total of 40,949 employees. While Eli Lilly and Company employs many different types of people across many different types of disciplines, about 8,600, or approximately 21 percent, of its employees are involved in research and development. The company spends about $4.8 billion in research and development alone each year. The headquarters for Eli Lilly and Company are located in Indianapolis.


Eli Lilly and Company is one of the more popular investment options in the Greater Indianapolis area. The company is highly successful, reporting a sales total of just shy of $20 billion in 2015. This is equivalent to about $2.4 billion in net income. In 2015, each share of Eli Lilly and Company earned about $2.26. Dividends per share were about $2.00 in 2015. 

Lilly Foundation

In 1968, Eli Lilly and Company founded the Lilly Foundation, a private, tax-exempt organization. In the 21st Century, the Lilly Foundation seeks to improve human health around the world. Specifically, the Lilly Foundation targets low-income and middle-income countries outside of the United States and provides them with necessary resources to improve public health. Inside the United States, the Lilly Foundation has a goal to improve public education, particularly in mathematics and the sciences. The Lilly Foundation works closely with employees of Eli Lilly and Company and rewards their volunteer efforts with grants. Additionally, the Lilly Foundation will match donations Eli Lilly and Company employees make to certain public charities.






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