Increasing Home Value For Cheap

Dated: 11/09/2015

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Today, it is often difficult to sell an old, outdated home at a high price. While a home can be completely overhauled for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, this typically is not realistic for homeowners. Fortunately, small, affordable updates to a home can greatly increase its apparent value. Some simple home improvement projects can be done for as low as $100. 

Fresh Paint

Homeowners should repaint their home before trying to sell it. Freshly painted homes are extremely appealing to buyers because they appear up-to-date. Typically, the average buyer prefers neutral colors, so homeowners should consider whites and grays when repainting their home. A gallon of paint typically costs around $25, which is a small price to pay for its benefits. 

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings, while once popular, are no longer trendy, and they are not attractive to buyers. Homeowners can remove them relatively cheaply. Softening material can be purchased at a local hardware store. Once softening material is applied, popcorn ceilings can be scraped off. Homeowners with older homes should be cautious. Popcorn ceilings have been known to contain asbestos. If asbestos is a serious concern, a professional should be hired to remove it. 

Improving Energy Efficiency

Homes are more attractive to buyers when they are energy efficient. There are a number of ways homeowners can increase the energy efficiency of their home. Installed ceiling fans can artificially cool a home, reducing the strain on a home’s air conditioning system. Programmable thermostats greatly reduce energy costs. During the work day and during night hours, homeowners can set programmable thermostats to turn off their home’s heating and cooling systems. Programmable thermostats alone can save homeowners over $100 per year in energy costs. 

Cost-Effective Landscaping

Large landscaping projects can be pricey. Still, small, affordable landscaping projects can greatly increase a home’s value. A single tree can be planted on a home’s property for under $200. Trees, particularly mature trees, are attractive to buyers. Shrubbery and small plants are also attractive to buyers. Typically, homeowners should install plants that are highly drought-tolerant or native to the home’s region. Existing plants should be trimmed and shaped if they appear messy. Dead, outdated or untrendy plants should be replaced. 

Updating BathroomsImage title

While more expensive than other value-increasing methods, updated bathrooms are extremely attractive to buyers. Outdated vanities, old plumbing and cracked tile can be removed and replaced for as low as $750. While this is a rather extensive investment, updated bathrooms appear brand new to buyers. There are plenty of cheaper ways to improve the appearance of bathrooms. New, trendy lighting and new wallpaper or paint can greatly increase the home’s value for cheap. 


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