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Dated: 11/17/2015

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The dining room is at the very center of Thanksgiving Day celebrations. For the homeless and less fortunate in Indianapolis, a good Thanksgiving dinner is an unaffordable luxury. Fortunately, many years ago, a man named Revered Doctor Mozel Sanders wanted to make sure everyone in Indianapolis could enjoy a warm meal on Thanksgiving. His charity dinner is still held every year. Every Thanksgiving, Butler University opens its union cafeteria to volunteers who prep meals and hand them off to drivers. These meals are then hand delivered to the less fortunate in Indianapolis


Reverend Doctor Mozel Sanders became a pastor at Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1959. During his tenure, he worked hard to improve the lives of the members of his congregation and the less fortunate in Indianapolis. Before his death in 1988, Doctor Sanders created what is now the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Sanders’ son Reverend Roosevelt Sanders took over the duties at Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church following his father’s death, and he would eventually found the Mozel Sanders Foundation. The Reverend Roosevelt Sanders passed away in 2010, but his and his father’s legacy lives on. Despite being rocked to its core from losing its leader, the Mozel Sanders Foundation lives on, and it still provides over 35,000 meals a year to the less fortunate. 

Foundation Sponsors

The Mozel Sanders Foundation has strong support from individuals and businesses large and small throughout Indianapolis. Their generous donations keep Mozel Sanders’ doors open, and allow them to feed tens of thousands of needy people on Thanksgiving. Sysco Foods, Shepherd Community Center, Federal Express and Aramark are just some of their donators. Radio One, which owns three different radio stations, does an annual live fundraising event for Mozel Sanders completely free of charge. 

Thanksgiving Dinner

Mozel Sanders desperately needs volunteers to carry out its Thanksgiving Day operations. Usually, they have over 2,000 volunteers on Thanksgiving Day. They need volunteers to work in the kitchen, deliver meals, stage and prep food for delivery and clean up afterwards. Currently, for the most part, Mozel Sanders works out of the kitchens in Atherton Hall on Butler University’s campus. It is located at 704 West Hampton Drive, just a few miles north of Downtown Indianapolis. Mozel Sanders has a satellite site at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, which also does some work for the Thanksgiving dinner. Those interested in volunteering can either call the Mozel Sanders Foundation or visit ts website to sign up. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate. However, children under the age of 16 can volunteer as long as they are under constant supervision by an adult. Typically, younger children are given smaller, easier tasks. Thanksgiving Day volunteers typically work in the early parts of the day. Although, drivers may be out past noon.

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