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Dated: 02/08/2017

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By now, anyone would guess the Greater Indianapolis area has any sort of dining experience they could ever want. However, believe or it not, there is a brand-new dining experience coming to the near-southeast side of Indianapolis, and it is unlike else in all Central Indiana. The new restaurant is called Nine Lives Cat Café, and it is a fully functional coffee shop and café with cats that live onsite.  

The Cats

All cats that live at Nine Lives Cat Café can be adopted. The café has a special relationship with the Humane Society, and all cats are adopted through them. At any time, there can be anywhere from eight to 10 cats that wander throughout the cat lounge at Nine Lives Cat Café. Anyone with a cat allergy is strongly recommended to avoid the cat lounge. Patrons with a minor or moderate allergy to dander can enjoy the cat-free café that is next door. Cats are not allowed to enter this area, but it has all the makings of an ordinary coffee shop. Patrons with severe allergies to cats are recommended to stay away from both the cat lounge and the cat-free café. 

Reservations and Cover

Typically, Nine Lives Cat Café recommends reservations. The cat lounge can fill up rather quickly. Reservations can be made on the Nine Lives Cat Café website. Walk-ins are permitted if there is availability. There is a $5.00 cover to enter the cat lounge. This fee covers the costs for the health and welfare of Nine Lives Cat Café’s cats. Currently, Nine Lives Cat Café does not host parties, events or gatherings. The owners are concerned that parties will stress out the cats onsite. However, the café is considering adding hosting for special events in the future. Anyone interested in hosting a party, event or gathering can send an inquiry to


There are several rules that patrons must follow. For one, cats must be treated with respect. Patrons can not pull on cats’ tails, scratch their bellies, pick them up or pull them out of crevices or hiding spaces. Additionally, patrons may not bring their own cats to Nine Lives Cat Café because it could easily stress out both the patron’s cats and the cats onsite. 

Location and Hours

Nine Lives Cat Café is in the Fountain Square area just southeast of Downtown Indianapolis. It is located just south of the intersections of Shelby Street and East Morris Street. Northsiders can easily reach Nine Lives Cat Café by taking I-65 south to the East Morris Street exit and heading east. 


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