Winter Considerations For The Home

Dated: 10/26/2015

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Indiana winters can be brutal, and owners should always ensure their home is ready for them. New home owners should take a number of things into consideration when preparing their home for the winter months. If homeowners take some of these quick, easy steps, they may save some money down the road. 

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1. Seal Obvious Gaps

Small cracks in the foundation, walls or frames of windows and doorways of a home allow cold air to enter the house, which, in turn, increases heating costs. Rodents and other unwanted pests may also take refuge in unsealed homes during winter. Caulk and certain types of foam fillers are great for last-minute seal jobs. 

2. Move Patio Furniture

Patio furniture should not spend the winter outside. If exposed to the elements of winter, patio furniture will rust. While this is certainly bad for the furniture itself, rust may form on patios, particularly ones constructed of wood. Larger, bulkier patio items should at least be covered if they cannot be moved easily.

3. Consider Home Upgrades

Older homes may have inefficient windows and doors. Home owners should consider replacing them with energy-efficient, double-pane or triple-pane glass. Low-emissivity windows can also save winter heating costs. Older homes may also need extra insulation. Home owners should ensure that basements and attics are surrounded with insulation. Pipes are often insulate to improve heating efficiency as well. Insulated pipes are also less likely to burst. 

4. Monitor Heating Units

Homeowners frequently forget to check their furnace filter. An old, dirty furnace filter reduces a home’s heating efficiency. Furnaces with old filters have to work much harder to heat a home, which only increases costs. Old heating units should also receive regular maintenance from a HVAC specialist. Image title

5. Clear Snow and Ice Immediately

When snow melts in doorways and windows, it can leak into the home. If this happens, dangerous mold can begin to grow in the home, and it can be very costly to remove. Snow over incoming air vents can reduce air flow inside the home as well. For these reasons, snow and ice should always be removed from windows, vents and doorways as soon as possible. Ice dams, blocks of ice that prevent water drainage from roofs, should always be removed immediately. Over time, standing water can damage roofs, walls and insulation. Homeowners should remove ice and snow from walkways as well. Under certain conditions, homeowners can be held liable for injuries incurred by snow and ice on their walkways. Salt is not always the best snow remover. It has tendency to degrade and crack concrete. Eco-friendlier options are typically better for walkways. Magnesium chloride is typically safer and less corrosive then traditional salt. 


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